The 8 elements that define our work

There are eight attributes, known to us as the ‘Earthstorm 8’, that underpin our work. Together they represent the means by which we convert our principles into practical action:

1) Our purpose:
starts with protecting the planet. Our philosophy is about brighter business for a better world. We believe environmentally responsible and efficient marketing can drive truly sustainable growth.

2) Our people:
all our team share a commitment to the environment and intolerance of wasteful, inefficient marketing. We differentiate between talented applicants for Earthstorm jobs based upon attitude and ethics.

3) Our operating model:
we’re a small, digitally advanced, agile business, based in a converted barn in Dorset. We ‘storm’ accepted expectations of service to offer the rare 3-part combination of solutions delivered at high quality, pace and competitive cost. We have an integrated approach to communications and are entirely agnostic in choosing media solutions to meet marketing challenges.

4) Our suppliers:
are expected to meet the same standards and environmental commitments we set ourselves. For example, if work must be printed, we only use FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) accredited printers and paper responsibly sourced from sustainable origins.

5) Our propositions:
reflect our principles and environmental commitment. E.g. our ‘E Audit’ combines an evaluation of marketing efficiency and environmental standards to drive true, sustainable growth.

6) Our policies:
we incentivise environmentally responsible client and employee behaviour and contribute to a range of environmental groups on an annual basis.

7) Our processes:
our standard working procedures have our principles embedded throughout; we work every day to make positive environmental output central to the creative, marketing process, not an ‘afterthought’.

8) Our partners and campaigns:
we work with and actively support environmental groups who share our values, such as WWF-UK and The Dorset Wildlife Trust. We commonly offer preferential rates for our services to directly support not only the quality but the cost of environmental marketing initiatives.

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Searching for Smarter

Because we’re a small, digitally advanced, young team in Dorset, not a big company in London we’re more cost-efficient.

Our commitment to cost-efficiency also comes from our purpose as a business. The difference is why we want to work like this. For us, even as a small company, it’s about making a bigger difference to our environment.

Because we care about the environment, we want to be efficient, which means:

- We challenge whether traditional campaign materials are needed.
- We detest wasteful marketing and time-wasted in meeting rooms! Often a meeting for us means going for a walk outside.
- We've no time for egos!
- We're always searching for smarter.

This means we attract talented, like-minded people because of what we believe in, where we are and how we work.

Brand Communications Audit

How sustainable are your marketing processes and outputs?

Contact us to arrange an E-Audit; a practical sustainability review and report specifically designed for the marketing sector.

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