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Introducing Alaska, Earthstorm's proprietary content management framework; empowering limitless digital possibility that extends beyond marketing.

No Wordpress!

The best known 'off the shelf solutions' for sales management and workflow processes are often the most inflexible - resulting in users having to adjust their workflow to fit the software rather than the other way around. In short, all too often 'the tail wags the dog'.

This has resulted in serious issues for many clients, such as over-dependency on the initial software providers for future development and increased vulnerability to heavy and expensive ‘updates’. For these reasons we made the decision to design and build ‘Alaska’.

  • Developed in pure PHP
  • Customisable CMS
  • SaaS development of systems as well as sites
  • Custom CRM creation
  • Infinite functionality
Alaska Logo
Digital I Mac mock up
Digital Alaska mock up

The Alaska framework has been developed over the last 6 years as Earthstorm’s proprietary content management engine and built in raw PHP code – the ‘English language’ of development.

The choice of raw PHP code was made with the best interests of our clients foremost in our minds – we wanted to develop a flexible SaaS solution that was not dependent on any third-party system or platform such as Wordpress, Magento, Drupal Wix etc.

The result is a framework that allows efficient and agile modular system/site development with zero reliance on any single, specific source of technical support, including ourselves.

App Development

Alaska's flexibility empowers agile app development at a fraction of the costs traditionally associated with bespoke functionality. Modular development of applications is also possible; allowing clients to create initial apps and then continually refine and increase their scope and functions in line with available resource and budget, at their own pace.

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