Storm Setting

Today’s marketers are working in a time of storms, both literally and metaphorically.

While the speed of technological development has empowered us as individuals, it has also left many larger organisations at a disadvantage. As a small, agile and digitally advanced team, we are configured to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for our clients, at pace.

Meanwhile, the wider world is witnessing an era of extreme weather events; occurring at a frequency and intensity that's irresponsible to ignore. We believe the evidence that such climate change is a result of human behaviour.

During this time of such unprecedented change, we're here to make a difference because ironically, at such times, creativity often thrives.

At Earthstorm, our best ideas are formed at times of great change and necessity. We adopt a unique ‘storm setting’ in our approach, to develop the most effective and sustainable brand communications. We work with urgency and we’re impatient to achieve results; grounding our ideas and delivering solutions to where they can truly make a difference…

…a difference for our clients, for their customers and for the world.

Pier Storm
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The power of 3.

Traditional service providers tell us that of the 3 key requirements: speed, quality and cost, we can only ever have two and must choose which must be sacrificed. We have a different approach.

Because we’re a small, digitally advanced and young team in Dorset, we're more cost-efficient than a big company in London.

Our commitment to cost-efficiency also comes from our purpose as a business. The difference is why we want to work like this. For us, even as a small company, it’s about making a bigger difference to our environment.

Because we care about the environment, we want to be efficient, which means: -we challenge whether traditional campaign materials are needed -we detest wasteful marketing -and time-wasted in long meetings!...often a meeting for us means going for a walk outside -we’ve no time for egos -we’re always searching for "smarter"

This means we attract talented, like-minded people because of what we believe in, where we are and how we work.

We share an impatience to make a difference. So we don’t accept you can only have “2 out of 3”, we constantly work to deliver the power of 3.

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