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Open Source used to be associated with positive benefits such as shared information, shared code and collaborative development and as such was widely embraced by many digital agencies and their clients. However, in recent years the proliferation of the use of Open Source systems such as WordPress, Magento, and Wix has resulted in serious issues for many clients, such as overdependency on the initial agency providers for future development and increased vulnerability to malicious data access and theft. For these reasons we made the decision to design and build ‘Alaska’.

We conceived and built our Alaska system to create a robust platform for the secure and flexible management of content. This system also allowed us to design and code a bespoke email ‘composition and send’ system that empowers our clients to self -create and send tailored email communications. Our email system provides a high degree of content flexibility through an intuitive user interface at a fraction of the cost of other, generic marketplace platforms.

It is our understanding and continual investment in technical development that sets us apart from other brand communication agencies. We have and will continue to create bespoke systems designed to provide highly customisable solutions for our clients. By doing so we empower our customers to differentiate themselves from their competition through the enhanced design and function of their systems and communications.

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Alaska Software Platform

Alaska is our proprietary content management engine built-in raw PHP code, so is not dependent on any third-party system or platform. Importantly its use by clients is also not dependent on us.

It is entirely customisable and provides flexibility for growth in a modern, agile and secure manner

To date, Alaska has been successfully used for wide range of platforms, from basic brochure sites through to the development of entire military exercise training platform for the British Army (MoD) so its scalability is proven.

A key benefit of Alaska is that it allows clients the freedom to change all content (text and images) and increase or decrease the number of pages on their websites, easily and securely, themselves.

Once we upload the agreed templates to the system, these same templates can then be self-populated to generate as many pages as needed. If further templates are requested. we simply create and upload them for you to use as you wish. This approach allows clients the opportunity to take full control of their own asset and provides them with total flexibility over its content at a significantly reduced lifetime cost.

Our simple 5 Step Process

The Process

Over the past decade, we have created and continually refined a digital project development process that provides our clients with visibility, control and certainty, irrespective of their desired outcome.

  • Initial Brief and Project Mapping
  • Wire Framing and Template Assignment
  • Design and Prototyping
  • Development and Testing
  • Live Release and Analytics
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