Octopus V8

Revolutionary Tech Branding

Octopus V8 is the major product software of FMT. This revolutionary technology has the power to connect legacy systems to new platforms and is unbound by possibility in what it can be used for. The brand needed to reflect the power of this system and so allowing us to push the boundaries:

The symbol signifies ‘is proportional to’ in maths and physics. Through utilising Octopus the nature and quality of the outcome is directly proportional to the imagination and free thinking of the user. The idea of limitless possibility is further reinforced by the open nature of the right handed loop in the symbol – in this sense the endless circle of the means dictating the nature of the idea and thus the quality of the outcome is literally broken by Octopus.

We went on to roll the brand out into a Corporate Identity that is triggered into an augmented reality experience, Interface design for the software and the operations manual.

Project Info

  • Client: Octopus V8
  • Services:
    • Branding
    • Corporate Identity
    • Design for Print
    • Digital Design
    • Augmented Reality App
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