Responsible Production

Our specialist production team focuses on sustainable production; bringing creative concepts to life with passion and care.

Print Procurement

  • A comprehensive supply chain across all required product formats
  • Supplier relationships based on 25 years’ market knowledge
  • Procurement underpinned by ethical trading policies (fair payment terms, no rebates, advice)
  • Supply chain extends beyond the UK into mainland Europe and Asia
  • Direct relationships with raw material providers (paper, ink and press manufacturers)
  • ‘Micro market’ approach by product format and volume – competitive and consistent supply
  • We secure ‘distressed capacity’ from a pre-qualified marketplace
  • Clear SLAs for quotation from point of brief
  • Agreed number of approached suppliers with lowest cost chosen where meeting the brief
  • Fixed margin (TBA) applied to purchase cost with 100% transparency
Print Product
Print Product

Print Production

  • All formats, all processes (litho, digital, screen, flexo, Ink jet)
  • Full range of finishing
  • Print consistency (ISO12647 standards)
  • Material standardisation for weight, finish, eco-credentials (FSC accreditation, TCF/ECF and recycled fibre)
  • FSC Accreditation marks available as standard
  • Sustainable finishing options
  • An ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC accredited print supply chain
  • Low alcohol and water usage presses and vegetable-based inks
  • Delivery miles and carbon offsetting can form an element of supplier selection if required

Waste Minimisation

Waste minimisation is essential to responsible production. Our approach is to consider every aspect of each job; from efficient sizing and sustainable material choices, through water and energy efficient production and finishing, to delivery miles, ultimate longevity of use and recyclability. True waste minimisation requires the knowledge and experience to apply a 'whole of life' perspective to every project.

Print Waste

Forestry Report

  • Online environmental paper usage calculator
  • All suppliers and all products
  • Tonnage calculation at individual job level - FSC material and recycled fibre content
  • Reporting wizard to accurately track exact usage against previous year / target
  • Developed for and used by WWF-UK
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Forest report

Sustainable Project Accreditation

Qualifying Points:

Earthstorm will award your project a marque of recognition if the following criteria is met:

  1. Zero emissions traveling to project meetings.
  2. Use of annotated PDFs over email during the proofing stages with zero print outs.
  3. No more than 3 sets of amendments.
  4. Final project costs falling within 10% of initial project estimate.
  5. FSC / Environmentally responsible production.
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