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We have over 20 years creative experience. We adapt to current trends but like to build long lasting and impacting creative concepts.

We are extremely passionate about our creativity, whether it's being applied to visual graphics or development code.

Our experience has allowed us to produce creative work across the majority of industries on differing formats. From music scores, video, and photography; to copy, development and brand.

No matter what the task, we believe the creative message starts at all times with the key attributes of the brand.

The creative routes to market are what carry these attributes and that's why Full Service means the best service.

Our full service includes professional use of:

Creative Cloud


Technical Ability

The web is constantly evolving with new improved technologies. Which brings new opportunities, securing new clients for your business.

With all the differing smart devices on the market, presenting your website and web applications has become a challenge. Earthstorm uses a myriad of different code techniques coupled with proper development cycles, executed with responsive design and latest technologies, enabling us to adapt to all the different display sizes and device quirks. We are forward thinking all the time, about where devices and media are heading and the impact it will have on our work.

Nearly all of our work is of a technical nature. We have adapted to the paradigm shift of online and social platforms, from the most traditional print and presentation based marketing. As a result, we have understood the differing languages involved and ultimately the support and best execution needed. Our experience here includes:

Integrations are also a speciality.

We are not only able to integrate myriad different third party services into our builds, with an intelligent and stable hub keeping everything in check; we can also develop and provide a custom secure API for larger clients with their own ongoing. In-house development projects (such as internal CRM/ERP software development) thus enabling a degree of developmental synchronicity, reducing our own costs post-project, and giving our clients' project managers the option of automating processes wherever possible between our system and theirs, removing the need for manual data entry (or clunky CSV file import/export procedures) now and in future.

We have also invested around 3 years in our own Content Management Distribution. This framework is designed to be of a modular nature; all new solutions are packaged for reuse and become part of this core. The framework itself displays a very easy to use interface, allowing you to add new elements from the modules you have purchased.

In essence, this means we have a kit to build a project from a growing repository of custom modules on top of a very strong foundation.

This again keeps costs down. Your requests can be executed using some of our prepared modules, so we can save time on your overall project.


The identity of your business needs as much attention as your own personality does.

Just as you have grown and evolved as a person over the years, taking traits from inspirational interactions with others, your business has evolved too. It may well have picked up, bigger and better ideas, refined methods, improved workflow processes, management schemes and so on...

Just like you, your business has a personality, an interaction with the world and should be seeking a good reputation. Brand and Identity are key to how the world sees your business.

How your business stands today and how it communicates with the world, needs to be simplified, and set up in a way that it is ready for effective, consistent communications and accessible along all marketing channels.

How can you achieve that?

Set standards and guidelines on how to use your brand marques

Ensure all of your articles and posts are consistent and well-timed for release by looking at the most effective routes to your target audience. For example, a DL leaflet might not be the best communication tool for a digital call to action. Make sure your colour palettes, typography, and images are set against a consistent style to maximise recognition and recall. A good brand is a clean and consistent brand.


Change is inevitable, the world of information is now accessed instantly by handheld devices, all over the world and in every language. Nearly everybody on the planet is aware of what everyone else is doing and the impact of their own actions. Whether information is accessed hard in print, or dynamically by the second from social feeds, via apps, the internet, TV, or the packet of whatever you may be eating at the time. It is now more important than ever that your communications are consistent, on-brand and delivered to those who matter most.

Buyers don't want to be pitched to, they want to be assisted.

New Media helps us to create and use both offline and online content and communication strategies that attract and hold the attention of your prospects to the degree of engagement that is necessary for the sale.

Traditional marketing was based on the company controlling the buying process, however through New Media, buyers now have the control.

Prospects now find you. To attract buyers today, it is essential to really understand who your buyers are, their critical priorities, and what they need to know to make a purchase decision.

You should be constantly learning and developing directly from those that matter most - your customers.

Deliver your prospects valuable information and expertise, to show that your company understands any problems they might have. In doing so you can establish strong connections across their purchasing process.

Keep your content relative, there are general communications and specific communications.

Attraction and Engagement can only be successful via relative content. The beauty of New Media is that there is no shelf life, content can be changed globally at the touch of a button and adjusted automatically throughout a timeline. Targeted information can be changed to mirror the differing footfall demographics of a high street retail store, not only seasonally but hourly, with no logistics, no extra resource and in no time at all.

Keep a constant flow of information moving between you and your suppliers with as much detail as possible for simplified project management.

Technological understanding has a leading and a trailing edge. It's fair to say that some have a deeper understanding of technology and the resources available than others.

Managing a project of any size requires a detailed level of understanding by all parties involved, from the basic requirements and objectives identified, through to the management process and proposed solutions. Requirements WILL evolve, no matter how much of an idea you think you have. More importantly, though, you should let ideas evolve through collaboration, so be open to changing requirements and the impact it has on project budget and delivery.

Don't throw an information snowball at a prospect looking for guidance.

Just because you know everything about your business and have added years upon years of experience of how to sell it, the chances are your new prospect will need to engage you on the basics in the first instance. Knowledge management is key to making your information valuable at the right time.

Information from all parties as often as possible, structured in a referenced order, ensures smooth project management and clear communication - no matter how technical or involved.

Proper planning allows you to slow down, simplify and be creative!


Sometimes there are blocks to what can be done creatively. Whether political or because of the cost or conditions associated with existing marketing plans and brand guidelines.

However sometimes, it's good to unblock and challenge everything. Turn the conditioning on its head and try a whole new direction.

Earthstorm offers a conceptualisation service that allows you to take a virtual look at different directions that really pushes the brand and then pushes on again. It's a bit like taking a look into the future, we work with you to understand the direction that your business is going in, what influences and changes may effect that direction and see just how far we can go to seeing what the brand might look like 2, 5 even 10 years from now.

Why do we do this?

By simply looking and observing your "future brand" brings it into fruition. The idea on the table for all to see aligns and clarifies everyone's thinking about the very direction you are heading in, and if everyone is aligned to it, you will reach the destination brand quicker.

This is a really good exercise for the business's drive, board, and staff motivation and actually irons out the politics, focusing everyone on a common goal. Some clients choose to roll the concept brand out sooner to literally become who they always intended to be.

This service can be taken in the micro format of course, not an entire brand vision, but maybe a future event you might want to push the boundaries on or maybe just an edgy product launch, the choice is yours, and being unbounded lets the possibilities flow.

print & production management

Our Supply Partners

We manage a comprehensive supply base of fully approved manufacturing partners. While we have high expectations on price, quality, and service, we reward good performance with long-term trading relationships.

We never forget that our own performance on our clients’ behalf is only ever as good as that of our suppliers and for that reason we treat them with full commercial respect.

In contrast to much of the wider print management marketplace, we pay our suppliers on time and to equitable payment terms. We do not seek hidden incomes from them and believe that our clients’ interests are best served through an open and collaborative approach to purchasing and production.

Our approach to supplier management is based on shared responsibility and mutual respect. Both are essential to providing sustainable value.

The cost will always be a key element of value, but should never mean a compromise in quality or service. Our approach to purchasing delivers keen, sustainable pricing for high-quality output.

We achieve this by using our strengths:

Technical Insight

Our people are from technical print and marketing backgrounds. We assist our clients by working with them to achieve the most efficient production formats and output choices before we go to market

Our supplier relationships

Because we treat our suppliers with respect, they want to work with us. As a result they provide us with a level of flexibility that directly benefits our clients. Our knowledge of their capabilities means that client requests are directed to the most appropriate source of quality supply.

Our technology

We use our systems to obtain prices efficiently and to provide total transparency over every purchase we make.